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No matter the quality of your website, if it isn’t driving adequate targeted traffic and keeping you ahead of the competition, it’s worthless in the end. Therefore, regardless of the size of your company our digital marketing agency in the Philippines do a good turn by increasing your website’s traffic and getting the most out of it. We only practice the following foolproof SEO techniques to aid the cause.

  • Relevant, user-friendly website themes
  • A visually appealing and easily navigable design
  • Mobile-friendliness of the webpage
  • Engaging, audience-oriented, up-to-date content
  • Save your time and let us handle it

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Your Vision, Our Mission

At Digital Marketing Agency Manila, we do not simply sell you our service, but we help you turn your dream into a reality. We take your ideas, thoughts, concepts – your vision, and we make it our mission to shape and nurture that throughout the whole process of coding, creation, and development into existence.

All Under One Roof

It is difficult, nay almost impossible to find a digital marketing agency that provides you with all the relevant services, but we do. From coding, web designing and development, PPC management and ORM to local and global SEO, content creation and marketing and social media sharing – we take care of everything for you under one roof.

Honesty and Transparency

We maintain the highest standards of morals, values, and ethics at the company, and we always stick to the same while attending our loyal customer base. Misleading recommendations, failed promised service in the exact manner as it was decided, dishonest practices – these are some of the things you will never find at our enterprise.

Adaptable Yet Affordable

The integrity of our company assures our customers that every service they avail are subject to the utmost flexibility and at the same time provided to them at value for their money. We are always open to the client’s ideas and opinions on the final product, and only when you are happy with what you are paying and what you are getting, is the project finalized.

Creativity is the Mother of Innovation

There is no scope of being stereotypical or commonplace in today’s digital scene. You always must be unique, out-of-the-box, one step ahead of your competitors. Let our team of skilled and creative-minded coders, designers and content curators’ step in and do that for you.

Strategic Partnership

The relationship we share with our clients is not one of strictly business transactions, but we prefer to be more of a strategic partner to them and their business on the digital front. As our client, whenever you might need assistance, support or consultation regarding matters of digital marketing, our services will be at your disposal.

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What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is key to almost every business in today’s world, and its benefits are manifold.

Wider Audience Reach

Going digital with your marketing strategy will broaden your initial market many times and can reach your business far and wide to your target audience in every possible geographical location that has access to the internet.

Buyer Convenience

Digital marketing is not only beneficial to you as a seller, but to your buyer as well, and as a result, you get to retail your client base simply out of convenience. From cutting down on transportation cost and effort to informing them of all the offers and sales pitches on time to facilitating paperless transactions, digital marketing encompasses it all for both the parties.

Social Media Awareness

Social media platforms have an undeniable influence on today’s marketing strategies – you cannot make one without keeping them out. By inculcating social media sharing in your marketing strategy, you not only make sure that you get noticed on a regular basis but also maintain engagement with existing and potential customers.

Grow your Business with Digital Marketing Manila

With online digital marketing, you get to offer everything comprehensively right at the fingertips of your audience, catering not only to their requirements but also to their convenience, which in turn helps you to amass a broader customer base than it was ever possible with traditional marketing.

But regardless of whether you’re focusing on the local Manila area or exploring to connect with a national audience base, we’re ready to fabricate a custom digital marketing strategy made-to-order for you and establish a successful online presence for your company. From lead generation, traffic analysis, sales pitch and promotions to actual transactions, customer service and feedback assessment – online digital marketing will help your business spread its wings far and wide.

Our Digital Marketing Services

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Why Us?

Why indeed, over and above all the digital marketing agencies in town and beyond, would you choose us? Is it only because of the wide array of services we offer, or there is more to us? There certainly is. The final status of your digital marketing strategy and how it looks to the eye and the results it yields are proof of our skill and competence in the field, but how we go about it, that entire procedure is a wholesome display of our service.

Consideration and Co-operation

We believe in the old-fashioned notion – the customer is the boss. We lend our dedicated ears to your digital marketing requirements, your end goal, your objectives along the way, and we devise the best-suitable strategy for you and your brand putting it all into the equation. The story is always yours to tell, we simply help you by providing the words.

Care and Creativity

Every inch of your digital marketing vision, starting from coding to SEO optimization and social media sharing, is made into reality with utmost care and devotion. We engage our most ingenious and creative minds with each of our projects to only bring the best for you.

Charisma and Capability

Be rest assured, the service we bring to you is provided by some of the best designers, coders, and curators of the field. We steer clear of anything remotely mechanical or run-of-the-mill, and always make sure that what you want and what we provide you meet at the juncture peacefully and in style.

Comprehension and Cognizance

We are always assessing and apprehending the service we are providing to our customers. We make a point to recognize the parts which we are doing wrong and fix the errors immediately, and to acknowledge the parts where we can improve our service and work on it as soon as possible. We believe that there is no alternative to the honest and dedicated effort.

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What Our Clients Say?

  • Merlina and her Digital Marketing Manila team is very professional. She tells what needs to be done and manages the clients’ expectations. She delivers on time and is ready to answer queries and explains her work. I am happy to have found the right team to work with on a long-term basis.

    Unica Encinares
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • It was a pleasure working with Merlina and her team. They are extremely knowledgeable about Local SEO.

    Steven Rosen
    Business Coach, Author, Speaker
  • Great working with Digital Marketing Manila. If more SEO projects come again in the future, I will definitely use them again.

    Efren Castillo
    Dental Marketing Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Digital Marketing Manila?

We offer you A to Z services to materialize your digital marketing strategy and help you reap the best results of your online presence. We listen to your thoughts and ideas, we help innovate and improvise those and implement them in the final product, which we create with a combination of fruitful SEO techniques, unique designs, appealing content, and effective and compatible coding.

What service does Digital Marketing Manila offer?

We offer you our full digital marketing services, which include web designing and development via WordPress, content creation and management, SEO, local SEO, social media marketing, ORM or Online Reputation Management, PPC Management via Google Adwords and more.

Why should I hire locally?

A local agency can understand best your requirements for local SEO, how to go about local business listings and generate neighboring traffic, and most importantly, will be familiar with local business models. Moreover, you get the opportunities for in-person meetings and explaining face-to-face what you need and negotiate the costs.

How can I set up a call?

You can fill-up the form provided on the website with your personal details and our executives will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can reach us at the contact information provided as well.

How does Digital Marketing Manila Measure Success for Clients?

We trust both quantitative and qualitative means to measure success. On one hand, how much traffic does the client’s website generates and how much increase in sales it causes is a clear-cut figure for us to define success? On the other hand, we give equal importance to how happy and satisfied the client is with the service and the results it has yielded. Only when both are at par do we call it a complete win.

Who will I be working with at Digital Marketing Manila?

As a client, you will be working with the best team of coders, designers and content managers. But initially, you will be communicated by one of our executives and explained in detail the varied nuances of our services.

How long until my business sees the result?

It depends entirely on the services you have sought, but it could be anytime between 3 to 6 months of the completion of the project. However, the result always varies, but a well-placed digital marketing strategy with SEO is a long-term investment whose benefits you will certainly reap.