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At Digital Marketing Manila, we understand what is required to develop a functional website. With the expertise of a team of a website developer in Philippines like ours, at your disposal, building the ideal website becomes surprisingly easy.

Why Choose Website Developer in Philippines for your Services

There are multiple factors that affect how your target audience engages with a website. A skilled developer must consider multiple factors when developing a website.

We are a team of Filipino web developer and we specialize in building websites that fulfill all your requirements. Here are the reasons you should partner with us –

An exhaustive portfolio

When looking for a web design company in Philippines, it’s important to consider its portfolio. A well-established, trust-able company must showcase an impressive website with all their projects. A company that is confident about their work and it is ready to demonstrate it. Our web development company in Philippines maintains transparency at all steps. We allow you to ask about our previous work and visit the websites designed by us for checking the design responsiveness and its effectiveness.

Coding capabilities

When it’s about website development, coding is the core skill that matters. Businesses need to ensure that the developers on the agency they are working with, have superb coding knowledge. Any vision one has for his/her website can be truly achieved, if the developers are adept with the coding language. Coders at Digital Marketing Manila are experts in their crafts. We offer experienced web developer in Philippines who will help you in every step of the way.  

Payment and Pricing

Pricing range is important to consider when choosing a website developer in Manila. A company that offers customizable pricing as per the service requirements is always preferable. There are many aspects of web designing and no limit to the number of features one can include. Hence, taking the time to decide upon the useful ones helps to optimize expenses and save money.

The payment structure is also important to consider. We offer a transparent payment structure and leave room for customization.

Availability of in-house Copywriter

A web development company in Philippines should not only invest in designing talent but should also house deft copywriters. There’s a saying “design attracts, copy sells”. Content on your website is the substance that engages the visitors to stay.

By utilizing an agency’s in-house copywriters, it’s possible to save both time and money. In case a business already has its own content, a copywriter working in connection with the designers will be able to fine-tune them, proofread and suggest apt banner taglines/headers. Digital Marketing Manila offers content development services as well, so you are fully covered in case you need updated content.

Familiarity with the Contemporary Trends

The website industry is always changing, and new trends are always arising here. The developers should be able to grow along with these changing trends. Look for an agency, that is always implementing new ideas. Our WordPress Developer in Philippines helps you with updated facilities like content management systems so that you don’t have to rely on anyone else to tweak your website.

What differentiates us from others?

Web design’s primary purpose is to combine form and function in a way, that makes a website enjoyable, interesting, navigable and usable. A compelling and efficacious website isn’t an option for businesses. Investment in quality web design reciprocates by boosting sales and increasing conversion. Now, hiring an agency is just the 1st step; there are other multitudes of factors you need to consider when discussing their website’s features with a website developer in Philippines.

Ideally, an effective website should provide –

  • A user-friendly experience
  • On-going sales
  • A steady flow of leads

To attain all goals, there are certain parameters that a website must meet. Even after hiring an expert agency, chances are that the website will not turn out as effective as planned always, we ensure that the final products are achieved as per your requirements, thanks to the valuable experience developer we have worked with them over the years.

At Digital Marketing Manila, we are highly vigilant of the entire process. Our recommendations have helped clients with outstanding results in terms of customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Our website developer in Philippines helps you out with a few critical factors during the process.

Essential Website Development Factors We Emphasize On

Overcrowded home page

It’s easy to overcrowd the homepage with all the information you want to convey. A homepage with many images, texts, and an overwhelming amount of details will deter a visitor right away. One needs to avoid busy designs at all costs. A confusing website is one, that features a variety of typefaces, color pallets, images, themes that don’t relate to each other in any way. Trying to convey too many ideas at once lead to this issue.

Tip to avoid overcrowding – Don’t view the website as an individual component; rather think of it holistically. When designing a website, try to stick to a single theme and one typeface. This facilitates a clean as well as fast loading website.

Confusing CTA

A call to action written in a complicated language will surely discourage a visitor to convert. CTA should be concise and should tell the visitors what they need to do. There should be enough information telling the visitor about the reward of action, as per the CTA suggestion. Moreover, one needs to ensure they don’t cross the fine line between helpfulness and overt marketing.

Tip – Avoid the wrong placement of CTA. These phrases must be placed with the correct images and should link to the correct window. Experts in Digital Marketing Manila understand this and will help you with it.    

Short loading time

Thanks to our skilled website developer in Philippines, your website will feature an impressively quick loading speed. The online audience highly prefers instant gratification; therefore, they are likely to abandon a page when it takes too much time to load. 47% of people expect a load time of fewer than 2 seconds. Moreover, in the case of mobile browsing, the number jumps up to 53%.

The optimal loading time – Avoid a website design with a loading time of more than 3 seconds. Does it sound like a hefty goal? Don’t worry, we can help you achieve that as we have done for all other clients.

Not capturing customer information

One must not overlook the benefits of creating a homepage opt-in window. Such features increase the likely hood of a customer returning and taking further interest in your products and services. Our website developers are skilled to seamlessly integrate opt-in windows that aids in building a mailing list. 

Failing to invest in analytics

Additionally, not investing in the proper integration of analytics tools is a major mistake. The only way to assess website performance is by analyzing the data about visitor behavior in it. Our Filipino web developer of your choice will be able to perform simple integration of tools like Google Analytics on a website.   

Digital Marketing Manila houses developers who are experts in integration. The ability to integrate all the third-party systems into a business website is a must. Whether it’s MailChimp, Salesforce, or something more specific to an industry, a skilled team will be able to execute a seamless integration.

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We have catered to both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer enterprises. Thus, we understand all kinds of requirements. We are always all ears for your innovative ideas and try our best to incorporate your vision during the development process. Additionally, we are experienced with SEO practices. So, the codes that we deploy to bring a website idea to life is always in alignment with Google algorithms and its guidelines.

Your website will always appear on the search results of the target keywords, due to the SEO friendly codes we use. As a result, you’ll see a spike in conversion rates. Our WordPress developer in Manila has mastered the platform and thus offers you, with a highly customizable framework. We don’t utilize a proprietary CMS, which allows you the freedom to have full control of your website. You always have the tools in hand needed to upgrade and modify your website.      

Count Digital Marketing Manila as your partner in business progress. Long term profitable relationship is always a priority of ours, and we ensure your efforts are brought to fruition. Lithe coding and development skills, sight for smart design, and effective aesthetics – all these skills are combined by our expert website developer in Philippines to deliver the best possible website for your business.